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What Is Convergence?

Convergence is a 4 day event where Quincy's Tavern and Evermore park merge for an amazing fantasy experience like no other. If you love Dungeons & Dragons and Renaissance Faires, Convergence encapsulates all of that and more in an intimate and wonderful event with fellow likeminded nerds and hobbyists.

Where will the event take place?

Convergence will take place in the first week of May 2023, at Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Can I bring my kids?

Evermore park is absolutely perfect for families! With the wonderful costumed characters, games, and activities children are more than welcome to Evermore Park. It is advised though, that for the VIP Experience, its geared to specifically adults with the DnD sessions and such. We'd love this to be a relaxing getaway for the VIP experience without the distraction young ones could bring.

If you do have children, we'd love to have your whole family join us for the Convergence weekend Friday and Saturday evening where there will be magic and wonder for all ages.

What activities will be happening during Convergence?

For the VIP Experience, you can expect to play several One-Shot adventurers with one of our trained and talented Dungeon Master, many of whom you may recognize from social media. You'll also enjoy Evermore park during hours only open to the VIP Experience! Walk the park in peace but also enjoy many of the activities such as archery, knife throwing, axe throwing, train rides, and potion making all included with the VIP Experience Package.

Also, a cosplay banquet is planned just for the VIP Experience where we encourage everyone to bring out their fantasy garb and enjoy a fun evening with our Dungeon Masters and Tiktok guests in a unique and intimate setting.

On Friday and Saturday evening from 6pm - Midnight, join us and experience Evermore Park in its full glory as the Convergence hits its culmination. Go on quests, enjoy a turkey leg, or share a story with Quincy at the Tavern. These two nights will be open to the public so we can all enjoy the Convergence weekend together.

Will I be required to play DnD?

You are in no way expected or required to participate in any of the activities if you don't wish to. Please let us know in advanced if you don't feel up to playing in the DnD sessions and we can work around that.

But if you're worried about "not knowing enough" or "being new" to DnD, have no fear! All of the DMs welcome new players and would be thrilled to help you along the way. Our only wish is that you truly enjoy your adventure! Fun first, rules second.

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The Convergence is an immersive D&D getaway into the world of The Lucky Gryphon Tavern. Come and experience the magic as Quincy’s Tavern becomes real at Evermore Park.

VIP admission- 4 day experience

Get early, exclusive access to the country’s premier fantasy park and play D&D with some of your favorite DMs with the VIP Experience. (general admission included)

General admission- Weekend experience

General admission gives you access to the world of Quincy’s Tavern! Go on a custom quests, join a  faction, or fight it out in the battle arena.

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FAQ's: More Info
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