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The Convergence is when the planes shift, and the worlds collide. For a few special days Quincy’s Tavern, The Lucky Gryphon, will be on our world. You’ll be able to visit the Lucky Gryphon and meet many fantastical creatures and even share a cup of hot cocoa. It is the first time you can truly walk through its doors and hear the words you’ve longed to hear; “Welcome to Quincy’s Tavern my friend, what can I get you?”

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The Convergence is an immersive D&D getaway into the world of The Lucky Gryphon Tavern. Come and experience the magic as Quincy’s Tavern becomes real at Evermore Park.

VIP admission- 4 day experience

Get early, exclusive access to the country’s premier fantasy park and play D&D with some of your favorite DMs with the VIP Experience. (general admission included)

General admission- weekend experience

General admission gives you access to the world of Quincy’s Tavern! Go on a custom quests, join a  faction, or fight it out in the battle arena.

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